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C. Silberman & Son Ltd. represents and markets equipment and materials from the world's leading companies in the printing industry, and supplies equipment and accessories for the printing, paper, cardboard, flexible packaging, stickers, and technical and electronical solutions. , Cardboard, plastic and packaging.

C. Silberman & Son Ltd. understands the need to increase productivity and produce new products and works tirelessly to bring innovative solutions and ideas that are especially suitable for its customers.

The company is currently undergoing a makeover and a rebuild. As part of the company's improvement process, we have rebuilt the company's website in order to give our customers a quality and available source of up-to-date information, in Hebrew and English, on a variety of possible machines and solutions and to reveal them to you, we have also added a product catalog.

We will give you our extensive experience and will be happy to answer any questions.


Menachem Silberman - CEO

Mr. Menachem Silberman, CEO of the company, a third generation founder of the paper and cardboard industry in the Land of Israel, is considered a pioneer in this field.

Our Story

H. Silberman & Son Inc. is active since 1921 and proud to continue to specialize and provide our customers with technical and electronic solutions to improve system performance in the printing industry.

Our customers enjoy a professional and efficient response to the daily advances in technological advancement.

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Our office is open Sunday to Thursday from 8am to 5pm

Phones: 050-5322821

Fax: 03-9369345

PO Box 6252, Oranit. Zip code 4481300


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C. Silberman & Son Ltd.


Exclusive Represents the world's leading companies


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Mobile: 050-5322821
Mobile: 054-4322821
Phone: 03-9360780
Fax: 03-9369345

Email: silverme.net@gmail.com

PO Box: 6252, Oranit
Zip code: 4481300
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