EL Company

Erhardt-Leimer was founded in 1919 in Germany. Today the center of the company is in Augsburg. The company is deployed with its factories in several countries around the world USA, China, India etc. The company specializes in providing control systems solutions in the printing, paper, packaging, plastics, nonwoven fabric, tire textiles and carpets.

This year, Erhardt-Leimer joined forces with Israeli AVT to develop complex surface control systems, material defects and printing shades and color overlaps, including alerts and reports during production to minimize waste. On the other hand, delivery of finished product with the highest quality with quality control documents.

The company's systems are currently installed in Israel in many factories in the field of extrusion, paper, packaging, cardboard, textile, printing, nonwoven fabric, carpet tires and more.

Website: www.erhardt-leimer.com



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