IST Company

I.S.T was founded in 1987 in Italy. And in 1990, the second company established an S.E.T company in Spain. The range of products and solutions in the field of IST today is the widest and largest variety in the market, among other machines.-Continuous Recycling Machines LINE IN- Distillation systems combined with the production processes solvent washing machine and water ULTRASONIC washing machine for parts and ANILOX cylinders / sleeves. Special vacuum systems - pneumatic and electric to lower the evaporation temperature of solvents. Washing of polymeric sheets for flexo and talking machines. The range of companies that order the equipment is in the field: chemistry, aerospace, automotive, hospitals, fiberglass, paints, inkjet printing companies, the experience gained over the years in the above industries has borne more than 26,000 installations worldwide and IST manufactures the The highest level of technology and technology with a development department that upgrades the machines to its customers' requirements In 1997, the company received the ISO 9001 certification and ATEX type EC certification, so that the goal and goal secure solutions are provided to our customer satisfaction.

Company website: www.ist.it



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