RE Company

RE was founded in 1974.

The company manufactures equipment and systems for the paper, corrugated, cardboard, metal, rubber, plastic, textile and nonwoven fabrics

The equipment is used in a wide variety of applications, in any position where there is a roll in the feed station or in the scroll station and during the processing of any material, the company's systems can improve the quality of the products and increase production output.

RE is the world's leading manufacturer of pneumatic brakes and tension controllers.

To complete the family products, the company manufactures a wide range of load cells, electromagnetic powder brakes, material alignment alignment systems, image control printing systems for photo vision during the printing process, rotary joints for fluid transfer.

The company also produces inflatable hinges and chucks as per customer's requirement.

Italian capability, quality and design are at your disposal.

One company ... 1,000 solutions

Website: www.re-spa.com

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